2. Development Plan

The Naha Port Development Plan, targeted for realization between 2015 and 2018, was 
prepared to fully utilize port infrastructure for the economic development of Okinawa.

2.1 Objectives of the Plan

The objectives of the Naha Port Development Plan are:

(a) To promote international maritime traffic;

In order to promote industrial development in Okinawa, maritime transportation costs to 
and from the prefecture should be reduced and should be made competitive. The NPA 
intends to shrink these costs by increasing shipping routes and by promoting international 
container transshipment. Experienced and reliable terminal operation is essential for the 
transshipment of containers, and the NPA is currently seeking a business partner.

(b) To promote international tourism;

The NPA will have a specialized passenger ship terminal at the Shinko Terminal area in 
order to meet the requirements necessary to increase the number of international cruise 
vessels. In the Urasoe area, a coastal resort zone is planned together with a manmade 
beach.This will be the nearest coastal resort to Naha Airport.

(c) To restructure conventional terminals;

The existing four terminal areas are currently not specialized and are used for both 
cargo and passengers. The four areas will be specialized as indicated in 2.2.

(d) To improve and protect the environment;

Properly protecting the marine environment for the next generation and the amenity 
environment for port users are important responsibilities for the port. The NPA will 
maintain or improve the marine environment on the northern part of the Urasoe coast.

(e) To ensure safety and security;

Since Naha Port plays a vital role in the supply of daily goods to the islands, 
essential facilities in important terminal areas will be designed to resist the highest level 
of earthquake.

2.2 Future Role of the Four Terminal Areas in the Plan

  In accordance with the objectives, the existing four terminal areas -- Naha, Tomari, Shinko 
and Urasoe -- will be restructured by specializing terminal use as follows:

Naha Terminal    :

Ferries and passenger ships to neighboring islands;recreational 
zones such as beaches and parks in the northern part of the area.

Tomari Terminal

Specialization as a tourist area and for passenger ships and 
sightseeing boats.

Shinko Terminal :

International container terminal with a logistics zone on the west 
side of the area and a domestic cargo zone on the north side.

Urasoe Terminal :

A marine protection zone, a coastal resort zone and a zone for port-
related industry from the northern part of the area to the south.

Naha Port Development Plan

Naha Port Authority
Shinko Terminal area according to the plan