3. International Container Terminal Project

  Naha Port is located on the East China Sea and to the east of Chinese ports. Therefore, Naha Port is considered to be ideally situated to redirect Chaina's increasing international container 
traffic to the United States and Europe.

3.1 New Terminal Area

  Naha Port has an international 
container terminal (#9:14m deep 
and 300m long) currently operated 
by local stevedoring companies on 
a short-term lease basis (maximum 
one year). Global carriers American 
President Line (APL) and Maersk-
Sealand operate weekly trans-
Pacific routes and Asia routes. APL 
also operates a weekly Taiwan 
route, as does Tokyo Senpaku. A 
new deeper-water terminal (#10: 
15m deep and 300m long) is 
scheduled to be operational in 

April 2005. In addition, the third terminal (#11:more than 15m deep and 350m long) is planned when container traffic increase justifies its construction.

Project Outline
International Container Terminal Project No.9 (current) No.10 No.11
Operational (since) 1997 April2005  
Quay length 300m 300m 350m
Water depth (min.) -14m -15m more than -15m
Design throughput capacity 800,000TEU/year
Total area (container terminal) 385,000m2
Terminal operator To be determined through international bidding