5. Other Useful Information

  Okinawa possesses many distinctive features, among which are Naha Airport and the 
Okinawa Free Trade Zone, both important areas for Naha Port.

5.1 Naha Airport

  Located adjacent to Naha Port, Naha Airport welcomes more than 4 million tourists every 
year thanks to Okinawa's beautiful natural environment and rich culture. Due to this growing tourism, the Naha Airport Expansion Plan is currently under review.

  Naha Airport and Naha Port jointly play an important role from the viewpoint of cargo traffic, and a submerged tunnel connecting the airport and the port is now under construction, scheduled to open in 2008.

  In addition, Naha Port also must assume responsibility for enhancing the tourism industry, 
and the NPA is planning to facilitate either a passenger ship terminal or coastal resort facilities in the near future.

5.2 Okinawa Free Trade Zone

  The Okinawa Free Trade Zone is already operational in two areas, with one site located 
adjacent to Naha Airport and another in the Nakagusuku Bay area, approximately 15 
kilometers from Naha Port. Enterprises setting up operations in the bonded area of the 
Okinawa FTZ are supported through generous incentives such as corporate income tax 
exemption and youth employment development subsidies. Initial investment subsidies are also planned by the Okinawa prefectural government. 
  An FTZ system suitable for Naha Port under which the port would strive to become the 
center of East Asia's logistic linkage is currently under consideration by the NPA.