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In accordance with the Law on the Special Zones for Structural Reform, we privatized terminal operations to be run by a wholly private corporation. Naha Port International Container Terminal is being operated by Naha International Container Terminal, Inc. (NICTI) since January 2006, and will be for the next 10 years.NICTI is an international company where 60% is capitalized by International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), a Philippines-based global terminal operator, and the other 40% by six local harbor transportation companies.ICTSI has been growing steadily since its establishment in 1987, penetrating markets in the Philippines, Brazil, Poland, and Madagascar, and has ventured into Argentina, Mexico and Saudi Arabia in the past, all the while accumulating a wealth of international experience.The company is expected to bring efficiency and quality management to Naha Port, by fully utilizing its international network and sophisticated management know-how. NICTI's operating target will include:
PDProductivity of vessel operations;
QDAbsence of berthing delays;
RDQuick turn around time for trucks;
SDTimeliness of data exchange between the Terminal and the Line;
TDElimination of data errors;
UDElimination of damage or loss to cargo, containers and ships equipment; and
VDFail-safe system for the control, receipt, and release of cargo and containers.

Naha International Container Terminal, Inc. and Naha Port will together take off into the sky of success.
1-27-1 Minato-machi,Naha,Okinawa,900-0001 Japan
(in the Container Terminal Bldg)
TEL:+81-98-867-5931 FAX:+81-98-867-5933
21 Tondo-cho,Naha,Okinawa, 900-0035 Japan
TEL:+81-98-868-4544 FAX:+81-98-862-4233

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